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Connetix Rainbow Range Collection- Creative Pack (100 pieces)

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Sparking hours of limitless creativity, fun and unstructured play, our 100 piece Creative Pack will bring imaginations to life.

Providing endless possibilities for creativity and learning through PLAY, our Creative Pack  features a variety of shapes in different colours, including fences and door frames. It is a great starter option for family play and building BIGGER Connetix creations!

Whether playing independently or with friends and family, the Creative Pack encourages STEAM learning, fine and gross motor skills as children create bigger castles and rockets, tall walls, ball runs and coin drops, bridges and towers, as well as exploring patterns and shapes, creating colour sorting boxes, plus so much more. Our Creative Pack will also support the development of perseverance and resilience as children design larger scale builds, testing the limits of their imagination.

As an open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow WITH your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex. Expand your collection and complement your 100 Piece Creative Pack with our 62 Piece Starter Pack to collect every shape in every colour!

Recommended Age: 3+ (contains magnets and small parts)

Package Includes

    • 6 x Large squares
    • 36 x Small squares
    • 12 x Equilateral triangles
    • 12 x Right angle triangles
    • 12 x Isosceles triangles
    • 6 x Window pieces
    • 6 x door pieces
    • 4 x Rectangles
    • 6 x fences
    • Idea Booklet
    • A travel bag to carry some tiles out and about